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dr strange time slices effect


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hi all so heres one for you - we all love the kaleidoscopic mirror dimension.. and the cool portals and wotnot in Dr strange... BUT can anyone suggest any ideas for how to tackle this really cool but very quick effect in houdini?  At 28 seconds we see Kaecilius sort of reverse backwards into various slices as he does so..



I think its a really cool effect and one i would like to try suss out for a cg character.  My thoughts are to bring alembic cg dude in, run him through a vdb and back to polys, then use a copy sop and a grid to create slices in the mesh... much like this cool tut...



but how do i get that frame offset effect where you can see the slices are running at different frame times ? 


dunno if i'm explaining it well but does anyone have any ideas?  Its something i'd love to crack!  :)



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8 hours ago, mestela said:

What's that old adage? "When all you know is a single chop trick, everything looks like that same single chop trick..."





oh wow i didn't think of using chops - thats so cool!

Also i didn't realise you can use a line in a voronoi fracture - thats such an easier way to slice it into many pieces!  thanks Matt :D

i'm still on H15.5 at the office so currently trying to figure out how to build it based on your setup - kinda got it working lol!  there's no 'code' option in the delay node in 15.5 sadly.

loving this technique tho thanks!

actually i just discovered there is a delay node in the chops BUT your delay is actually a channel wrangle lol!  Anyways for some reason it seems to error out with 'invalid input CHOP null' even tho its pointing to the correct null in the chop.

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@mestela okay been batting my head on that scene for a bit - no idea what the channel wrangle is doing and i've been trying to find out in the vex manual what C and I are :(

I tried a delay node in the chop instead of the wrangle but it doesn't seem to bring much really :/

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Tried with a delay chop, its not quite the same, but gives the general idea (and its an incentive for you to get onto H16...)

Set the mode to 'mix remainder with beginning', and use this expression in the delay1 parameter:


So that takes the current channel divided by the total number of channels, then multiplies that by 20. 

I blather on about this stuff here: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniChops


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cheers chaps yep i'll take another look at it with that setup @mestela  ta :)  Not had chance to get H16 installed at home mainly because they announced it (went to some sidefx showing in feb of this year in london) - then a week later i was working at framestore on Thor doh!  Anyway due to finish in 2 weeks so cant wait to dig into it :D

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