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Realflow3 And "charlie And The Chocolate Factory".


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Yeah, i was about to said about Glu3D - it is a LOT faster than RF and takes advantages of Maya's particle system. It only adds RF like PP springs, leaving you the full control over the particles. The combination is really good.

Would be nice to see Glu3D ported to Houdini.

Another good solution is Maya's fluidSolver.

For open environments ( streaming river for example ) Glu3D seems to works better.

For detailed close-up gridBased fluids are the daddy.

bunch of fluid stuff:


- visualization

- mesh generation

- solvers

- source code

- etc. etc.


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Guest Peter B

Myrtle Software is just me - for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Moving Picture Company licensed a load fluid simulation software from me to help execute the chocolate river sequence. The tools that I bought in were 2D and 3D Navier Stokes solvers, a Level Set Simulator, ripple and wave generators and a bunch other production tricks.

This collection of fluid tools has since been christened "5x5" and at the moment I'm adding to it extensively so that it can be more widely used. The principal areas of development are a voxel renderer and an SPH simulator - with these two additions the whole should make a nice package.

If anyone would like to be added to my list of testers then please send me a mail at the address on the website (http://www.myrtlesoftware.com/fivebyfive.html)


Peter (Baldwin)

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