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Modeler And Flux developer. Need help

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Hello friends. I would like to ask you for help.

This is addressed primarily to those who want to model in Houdini.
As you know, I developed an Asset for Houdini called Flux. I was asked by many people to sell the asset for modeling called Modeler. So I decided to ask you.

Not everyone realizes that I decided to turn Flux into a full modeling plug-in with lots of features for both organic and hard surface.

Now about the problem. I and my family now have a lot of debts. This happened due to our imprudence. I can lose my computer (and not only) on which I develop tools.

I ask everyone who would like to model in Houdini, please buy the Flux 1.0 asset now.

When I finish working on the Modeler, you will be updated to Modeler 1.0 for free. I ask for help. Thank you in advance and sorry for the unusual request. It's really hard for me right now(

Gumroad link: https://gumroad.com/l/bIpqU

or PayPal account for donation: marielucie8489@gmail.com

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Hi Alexey,

sorry to hear that, i hope you get your things sorted.

Quite a few Houdini people are using patreon now (Animatrix, entagma, etc) and seem quite succesfull. Maybe that is a way for you too.

Not everybody can afford 100$ that easily on a plugin ... (and i already did when you anounced the free update to 2.0 that you wanted to release soon! That was quite a while ago...)

Maybe do a 10€ version without the free update?

kind regards


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