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N-body via SOP solver with OpenCL

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12 hours ago, Farmfield said:

Upped both scatters to 100k points and it still sim'ed 300 frames in about 2 minutes - just crazy. Very cool. :)

Yep,meanwhile i just started studying OpenCl and don't know anything about it's code optimization.

I found example via dop and vop,but didn't like simulation speed,so,i thinked-might be a good time to start learning OpenCL in Houdini context. :)
But my starting setup is pretty simple-it has a good potential for tweaking for nice result.

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This is a lovely tool :)

I'm trying to recreate it Indie but can't keep getting  an error on the opencl node. (clCreateKernal (-46)). Anyone know what this may be?
I've put my project here with the original node and my recreated one.


OpenCL Nboby Rebuild SR2.hipnc


Ah, realised I didn't change the kernal name 

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