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Indie license not working after education license expired

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Hello guys,
I had a 2 months education license which expired today.I already had an indie license valid until sep 2018.
After Education license expired ,houdini starts in non-comercial (apprentice mode).
How can I fix this?
I am running on windows 10 version 16.0.705.
Even after upgrade and redeem houdini 16.5 licences ,houdini start in apprentice mode.
Tks for support.
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4 hours ago, bobc4d said:

are you using the correct desktop short cut?  when I upgraded from apprentice to Indie this week it installed the desktop shortcut but it was wrong one. it should be Houdini.exe


This was fixed in a recent build.



Houdini 16.5.297 The Windows desktop shortcut now launches houdini.exe, which will use an 


        indie license if available. 


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