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I've just have a chat with my friend who is going to animate a domino like structure of falling pillars in 3dsmax.

After giving him an advice to learn some basic scripting, I smiled and thought how easy should it be in houdini.

A quater later I started fighting with it, and haven't found a nice solution yet. I tried to make a sop domino with elements copied along user given path. I'm a bit stuck with controlling (here offseting) the animation of each stone independently.

Apart from my own problems with the subject, perhaps it is an interesting challenge?

Does anybody have an efficient domino technique?

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Oh, alright. An RBD solution then which has the advantage of being more realistic.


Looks great!

This is a very special day - today is the first time that I've known e.d. to acknowledge the aesthetic benefits of one solution over another. :shocking:

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Great examples, thanks.

I haven't play with dops yet just because houdini is so deep, but they seem to be quite slow with these settings?

I was thinking rather about something like george's technique.

Nice expression tutorial :)

I thought about a chop technique - using a shift chop and stamping start value based on $PT, but it doesn't seem to work???

I submited a topic on sidefx forum, but nobody answered, do you have any clues?

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Ok, as usual, that was simple and required looking into the help.

I thought I knew how to use copy sop:)

So here is my clue solution.

"Stamping parameters let you communicate information upstream to the operators connected to its inputs."

Ahhh, I just began to wonder about the possibilities of stamping chop parameters:(

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