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Spraypaint isnt applied to this voronoi effect (beginner)


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I started Houdini few weeks ago and was following this Entagma tutorial. http://www.entagma.com/quick-tip-organic-voronoi-patterns/

Was trying to apply the same effect but on a 3d mesh.

I got pretty far but I have a few issues.

I'm stuck at applying the spraypaint to the mesh, to get some nice breakup effects in the mesh like in the tutorial.

Another minor issue is I'm having weird geometry issues starting from my resample 2 node and I have no clue why.

Please have a look at the file.


Thank you!



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yeah so cuz you're trying to do it in 3D...that's the problem

you're not doing the 2D triangulation like in the video...so your merge is a bit futile as your painted spheres are just primitives and not polygons...

You could mimic it I guess by converting the spraypaint to polygons, then boolean that with the other geo...fill holes, then div compute dual...but it gets messy...

My initial thought would be might as well abandon the 2D approach and use voronoi frac where you can target where the fractures should be...bit like spraypaint i guess...there should be plenty of threads on this technique..

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Thanks Noobini,

Will look into your tip on just using voronoi fracture, didn't knew you could target where the fractures should be.

I think it will look different because it fractures the model in its entire 3d space not only the surface, I assume there might be a setting to only affecting the outer mesh and not seeing it as a full solid object?


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Look at this from Steven to understand the voroni fracture. Also you can just affect the outer mesh, make sure to uncheck "Create inside Surface". You can control where you put more density with a paint node, attributes, groups, etc 


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9 hours ago, Sepu said:

make sure to uncheck "Create inside Surface".

ahh silly me didn't even pay attention to this...if you didn't know about this and wanted to easily remove the inside of a voronoi frac..well, it's still damn easy...see this thread...where i posted the straightvoronoi file (near bottom)


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