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Paint peeling effect-How to disappear fragments


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Hi everybody!

I'm working on a paint peeling effect, i need to make the paint fragments to disappear, they are obtained from voronoi fracture , i have set up a loop to make them scale down, it works but i need make it work only on the active fragments and not on those are still in place, i have an i@active attribute to interact with the cloth solver.

Any help would be great, thanks in advice!


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Hi Atom!

I have slightly changed way to make them disappear...instead of scale down each shard or simply fade his alpha which are a little fake I'm trying to blast the single vertices as they are bumped up from the surface.

So I did use group but directly in the blast node,and it works!

But i have a new problem;-)

If i do use the @active attribuite it will disappear as soon as it moves...i would like to have some delay between the bumping and the corrosion.

So I need a new attribute (@corrosion)

For this porpouse i think to do something like: @corrosion=@active+something that increase over time.

Create a group of those points who reach a value of corrosion of 1.5 for example...and blast that group.

There is a way to add 0.1 each frame?

Other than animate a slider of course!

I will post the scene tomorrow!

Thanks a lot!


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You'll need another attribute that has the frame at which the points activate, so you can compare current frame and activation frame, and then remove them when they exceed 1.5.

Something like: 

@corrosion = (@Frame - i@activationFrame) * .1;

if (@corrosion > 1.5){

For user-friendliness it'd be nice to replace those hard coded numbers with sliders though :)

@corrosion = (@Frame - i@activationFrame) * ch("FrameStep");

if (@corrosion > ch("KillThresh")){


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