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Update cloth every frame based on changing topology


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Shortly: How to update cloth every frame based on changing topology?

I'm trying to make cloth burn effect using spreading attribute to delete polygons, however I can't get the cloth to update simulation every frame based on deleted polygons. I've been trying to use multi solver for that. Everything is fine untill the very moment when the polygons are being deleted, the simulation of the cloth stops, and the only thing that is happening is the deleteing of polygons. I've found a thread from a few years back of someone who has been doing the same effect, with the same problem, but the answear that seemed to work for him doesn't do it in my case, here is the link to that old topic: link. I also attatch the .hip file of my set up, I added some notes so it would be clearer. I've spent a lot of time playing with diffrent options of the multi solver and sop sop solver but I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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Disconnect the Solver inside the AutoDopNetwork. You can't delete points from a cloth simulation in progress. Take the nodes in the solver and place them after the DopImport. Delete after the simulation is complete. This also gives you the advantage to change the way the burn occurs later and not have to re-simulate the cloth.


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I was trying to avoid that approach mostly couse at the end of the simulation I was planning for the fire to burn all the way through one of the sides of the cloth. If I delete after the sim the separeted cloth would look like it still sticks together which would be kind of ridiculous, so I guess I must stop the fire before spreading that far. Anyways thank you for explaining that it is not possible to achieve, I would probably waste much more time on trying to figure out something that can't be done.  

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