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Limit Parameters

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Hi Everybody,

Having a problem.

How can i limit a parameter into perticular range. Suppose I have a box, and i want to limit the Y pos in the range -10 to 10. I am not doing any procedral animation. I want to manually move the box up and down, but it should remain in the range. Basically what I want is simillar to Maya Limits.

Is there a GUI for this, or have to use clamp function or clamp CHOP.


Thanking in advance.


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Hi Everybody........

Thanks for your Reply..

I found something. I don't know , if you knew this before.

For limitting parameters, on an OTL, you can give Lower and Upper Range in parameter properties window of OTL.

This is used for limitting sliders in OTL. But this is just for reference. This is not true rescricting. But there are two LOCKS near the range boxes.

I don't know why, but I hadn't locked them. By Locking them, you can rescrict them to a range, even in the view port. This is new to me.

But still, complete problem is not solved. You can do this with OTL, but not with normal object.

If u know, tell me.

Thanking in advance.


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old thread, but I'm looking for a way to do that too (limiting the viewport handle (rotate) to a range)

I'm using clamp at the moment, on a bone, and I rotate a control null, that null sends it's rx to the bone. And I would need the null rx to not pass the range.

I'd like to be able to see the handle stop, visually.

Is it possible?


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I think that might suit my needs :) (got to try it)

I would never had thought this could work, as I'm surprised that using an expression on ry would still give my the handle for rotation on Y in the viewport !
I thought that if you use an expression then you loose the hand on that parameter, right ? Is it different for the transforms?


thanks mate.



it works, thanks again!

and I think I was just assuming that "loosing the hand on parameter" thing... for some reasons..

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@6ril, you still can edit referencing parameter using ladder or handles when there is no keyframe on it (dark green background). It will act like a teleport to the referenced one, but will use referencing parameter logic and handles. Besides control over handles, that may be useful, when you want to control parameters with several types of parameter templates, like use logarithmic float scale, some float interval and integer ticks at the same time.


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