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Hdk Classes Documentation

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The classes and functions will be up in the next few days. They're alarmingly big, so I'm saving them for last :)


That's nice, thanks for answers guys. Btw - is it possible also to have this documentation is some downlodable form? I mean - some big zip archive or such?

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If you look at http://odforce.net/wiki/index.php/HDKDoxygenPages, that was available before. (BTW, I'm not sure we should bother with the older Houdini versions anymore?)

If you can't wait, you can just do it yourself by downloading Doyxgen and running it on your own installation of the $HFS/toolkit/include directory. Make sure you extrace the header files first though by running the "hdkinstall" program that comes with Houdini first.

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Something I noticed with this, the older H7 link used to have all the class members listed on one page, this meant it was easy to search the whole lot, now with it split up into a page for each letter in the alphabet this is more tricky, or am I missing something mind numbingly obvious?

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