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konstantin magnus

How to avoid double walls created by convertVDB

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I have a point cloud with large open parts and turn this into a VDB from particles.


Logically, but unfortunately I get double walls after meshing it.


Whats the most robust way to get a hollow model from this right away? Even if there are dozens of parts, messy geometry etc.


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here's my go...but it needs the Normals to be established for Peak to work tho...if you were given just point cloud with no normals...dunno...


(but double walls are good for massage parlours tho)

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Hi vusta, thanks for your help.

The point cloud`s normals are potentially corrupted, too. So, as you suspected, I am looking for a more technical approach that may include SDFs gradients or possibly any information coming from within the VDB field.

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i tried this road but i'm stuck:
i am trying to find the borders of the mesh with an attribute (I tried with the curvature and with another silly method, both gives the same results in this case)  and primitiveSplit them so in my mind i would have the big face on one side, the faces at the borders, and the other side of the mesh. The problem is that this method is very dirty and i would need to create a clean seam line. Once you can separate the 2 big faces you can choose the one you prefer based on some parameters (like occlusion maybe?) and reproject it more or less in the position where the original scattered points were. 

The problem is to find a cleaner border edge to use to split the prims. 

maybe there is a good way to find the borders of the original scattered points, I usually count how many neighbours in a radius and use a treshold to filter those particles.. but is not always great, and use those border points to create a line, then extrude and boolean the mesh to split it.

I attach the file if you want to have a look... :/  I'm pretty sure there must be some mathy way of finding those features.


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