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So someone posted "I modelled a soccerball".......really ? It's virtually pre-made for you in Houdini already.

Here's a tougher challenge, procedurally model a volleyball....not just the standard 3 stripes....how about ANY number of stripes ?

Won't post file yet...so ppl can have a go themselves.


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Just take a box and let some sine waves run across its surface.

int stripes = chi('stripes');
float diam = chf('diameter');
float bump = chf('bump');
float bend = chf('bend');

vector nml = abs(@N);
vector bbox = relbbox(0, @P);

@P = normalize(@P);

vector shape = abs( sin(bbox * $PI * stripes) );
shape = pow( sin(shape), bend) * bump;

if( int(nml.z) ){ @P += @N * shape.y; }
if( int(nml.y) ){ @P += @N * shape.x; }
if( int(nml.x) ){ @P += @N * shape.z; }

i@group_seams = length(@P) < 1.001;

@P *= diam * 0.5;



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Ok, your topology looks more convincing. So I extrude the stripes, as well:


  1. Add stripes on a box using relative bounding box coordinates.
  2. Spherify by normalizing point coordinates.
  3. Split by colours and extrude.
  4. Fuse and subdivide.

Here is the simplified stripe code:

int stripes = chi('stripes');
vector bbox = relbbox(0, @P);
vector nml = abs(@N);

if( nml.z > 0 ){ bbox.y = 0; }
if( nml.y > 0 ){ bbox.x = 0; }
if( nml.x > 0 ){ bbox.z = 0; }

@Cd = ceil(bbox * stripes) / stripes + @N;



Edited by konstantin magnus
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Quite straight forward! You could also try copying your grid to an octahedron from platonic solids.


However, this requires to handle the orient attribute on the platonic first.

vector up = v@N.zxy;			// assign swizzled normal vectors to up
matrix3 rot = maketransform(v@N, up);	// rotation matrix based on normals and up
p@orient = quaternion(rot);		// convert rotation matrix to quaternion (vector4)



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