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Secure Selection

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My first post - hopefully not my last - difficult for me to find the time to web-browse...:)

Anyway - yes I tend to leave it on by default since I'm a "network slut" - I don't work exclusively in the viewport, although I do a fair bit. I find that with it on I tend to make longer, messier networks. I turn it off as needed. That's just me. ;)

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Hello all,

I, too, am one to leave the secure selection on. For me, it really does't matter because I also love working both with the network editor and the new "do it all in the viewer". It really makes no difference. But, once you remove this feature in the group sop it really becomes annoying. There was nothing wrong with it, so why throw it out. However, from what I read this is an NT issue. Gosh,- figures!


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Wow.. two people who like secure selection? Who'dve thunk it? :rolleyes:

Personally I can't stand the beast. I can understand if you're working normally then it might not bother you. But try and do a ton of poly modelling operations in the viewport and see how you like it then (lets just say, your 'q' key would be a bit softer to the touch)

Nevins : Are you talking about the transfer selection to group thing in the group SOP?

All I can say is try it out a bit. I can speak from experience when I say that almost everyone has bitched about that in the beginning. And I can honestly say that every single one of the people who complained now loves the new way.



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