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RBD goes crazy on alembic export


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Hey magicians,
I have an RBD sim that when I export as bgeo looks fine, but when I export as alembic it goes crazy, the geo flies everywhere, anyone know what can be causing this?
P.S: Also sometimes don't show in Arnold, I tried deleting "name" attribute and works, but not sure what is causing this, maybe because I have lots of dop networks?
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Thanks @fencer. I did a clean and unpacked before exporting. I set up the scene so the client runs the sim, and he's bringing the bgeo to .ass and sending to Maya.

This is how is looking in houdini viewport


And this is how is looking in Maya viewport



Seems like a normal issue, I'll try to invert the normals to see if this fixes it, I'm not familiar with maya or Arnold, client just send me these screenshots



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