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konstantin magnus

Mass create nodes from tab menu

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Maybe use the OnCreated script to do so. There is the python command toolMenuLocations() to check the the Menu Folder. If the node is in the Folder you can use allowEditingOfContens().

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Maybe I got you wrong. To create all of them just do it once by hand and then make a shelf out of it. (Select all Nodes and drag them to the shelf)

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It's possible, but quite cumbersome because of how HDAs still use a xml to define these things. Also, it won't work with nodes that only have the category hardcoded (usually older nodes). It should work with the newer gamedev tools


import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

def create_all_nodes_by_category(network, category):
    installed_hdas = hou.hda.loadedFiles()
    for hda in installed_hdas:
        definitions = hou.hda.definitionsInFile(hda)
        for definition in definitions:
                xml_content = definition.sections()["Tools.shelf"].contents()
                root = ET.fromstring(xml_content)
                tool = root.find("tool")
                submenu = tool.find("toolSubmenu").text
                if submenu == category:
create_all_nodes_by_category(hou.node("/obj/geo1"), "GameDev")


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