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Vellum Scale by Attribute Not Working

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Hey, I'm trying to get this stick to points constraint to update every frame so I can have this cloth sort of peel down over time. Thought setting 'create constraints' to 'each frame' would make it work but doesn't work. Also tested using a value instead of an attribute which also doesn't work.

Any pointers greatly appreciated. 


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I have tun into the same problem. I would like to change vellum constraints over time, but it doesn't work - doesn't update each frame. There is problem with groups. The groups are not recognized in Vellum constraints node, even though I didn't setup any of those groups. On the other hand the Vellum Constraint Property works well, but it would be nice to use the Vellum Constraints node as well in DOP or SOP Vellum solver.

If somebody has solved the problem, could you put the explanation herem pleeeeaasse ?


Many thanks

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Posted (edited)

I'd also like to know why groups are not recognized in Vellum constraints node... seems like a very annoying bug.

Looks like it only recognizes the stretch and bend output groups..


It only accepts the constraint group groups, and the groups don't transfer by default. There is an easy work around though. Just make sure it's a prim group, and then plug a group transfer node in between the solver and the last vellum node.

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Point groups are definitely allowed on the vellum constraints node... that's how you specify which points are constrained. As far as changing vellum constraints over time, if you use the vellum solver at the sop level, the constraints are only initialized at the first frame. If you want them to animate over time, you either need to use a Vellum Constraint Property Dop node inside of dops, or dive inside of the vellum solver and add it there (but it might have a different name there). See the attached file for an example.


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