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Skin & Sort challenge/issue


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Hi folks,


I face a challenge to setup my underlying curves to skin my in the correct way.

The biggest issue I have is to sort all the points in the correct order - I think to do this via a helper curve should do the trick, but I can't find the solution

So any help would be appreciated!!!
The end result should look like a stadium roof...

Thanks so much!







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my plan:

01) use groupexpression>preset select 1st pt of prim. This should be all outside most of each of your curves/prims

02) polypath above pts to turn into a closed curve, the point order may be random as your pic shows..

03) edgetransport on curve above, getting distance attribute

04) attribtransfer the distance attrib from above to the individual curves, may need to promote this attrib from pt to prim

05) sort prims, ie. the individual curve based on distance attrib


attached is an illustration that the pt order of a loop is screwed up...and then it's resorted


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