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How to Sweep around selected edges


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Gamedev sop_edgegroup_to_curve1 is pretty handy here...

While on the surface, it's a one node solution, looks nice.....but dive inside...it's more than a simple node....still boils down to dissolve tho...but if you like the neat look of just one node at the upper level......up to you

(EDIT: oh well, Tomas solution is 1 node anyway...well I never look at other's solutions first before having a go myself...so that my thinking is not influenced by what's already been done...just me).

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aha...how about this....in your Boolean, simply set Operation to Seam.....then all you get is the seam...don't even need to output any groups...all you get back is the seams....not even needing the dissolve, just feed Bool straight into the sweep.

Mmmm...nah..this loses the perimeter geo...forget what I just said...

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