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can we set an expire-date for HDA or blackbox?


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You could embed a python node that looks at the date and sets an attribute to a 0 to 1, depending if that date has passed. Then use that attribute to switch the output from the intended result to a null.

A better approach IMHO, is to publish your code with a creative commons license, where it is clear that the code/process is yours, and you are granting them a license.  By publishing the code publicly, you can also take that code to a new studio, when you move on.

If it is a big concern, you had better have the conversation up front, rather than stick the studio with some gotcha expiring code that may put you in violation of agreements you may sign.

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Any code you made before you worked there that you may work on there should be explicitly defined in your contract. You can general make an addendum to this if you need. If you do open source your own code, you may need to have it clear legal that you can use it. The consequences are more severe from companies like Disney and MS down the grade to small commercial shops.

Some shops won't care and most code dies past the user working on it, but if you care enough to ask definitely get it in writing that you own the code.

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thank you so much for all our tips. Legal agreement and violation things are tricky. And using python with date and switch is a great idea!!

In general, most houdini artists simply bring own tools to use for own shots, and other artists and production won't pay attention so much about how great a tool would be. HR says Houdini artists almost never sign up for own pre-invention uses, but sometimes pipeline artists do that.

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On 2/19/2019 at 12:39 PM, LaidlawFX said:


... most code dies past the user working on it...

This ^

IMHO it's an interesting question, you'll certainly learn some things implementing it, but I'm certain sure it's not going to save you any grief (except for peace of mind).

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