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How could I set a point's normal, to a direction between two half-edges?


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Using a point wrangle, I retrieved angle between two half-edges of a point:

int SelectedPoint = 1;

int SelectedPointHedge = pointhedge(0,SelectedPoint);
int AngleSrcPtnum = hedge_srcpoint(0,(hedge_presrcpoint(0, SelectedPointHedge)));
int AngleDestPtnum = hedge_dstpoint(0, SelectedPointHedge);

vector SelectedPointPos = point(0, "P", SelectedPoint);
vector pApos = point(0, "P", AngleSrcPtnum);
vector pBpos = point(0, "P", AngleDestPtnum);

vector V1 = normalize(pApos - SelectedPointPos); 
vector V2 = normalize(pBpos - SelectedPointPos);

f@angleRad = acos(dot(V1,V2));


How could I set(rotate) that point's normal, to a direction between two connected half-edges?

Thanks for helping.




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if you average the cross products of the vector of the edge directions of the corners: cross(normalize(pos1-pos2), {0,1,0}) and  cross(normalize(pos0-pos1), {0,1,0}), you should have your vector (or the anti vector not sure from the top of my head)

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