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Double surface on meshing

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Hi there,

I'm experiencing this super annoying problem when flattening surface using particle fluid surface in Houdni17.

Problem is a random double surface (top and bottom) when I only want top one. I'm working on a character splashes and everything its working just fine except that I can't find a reason why these random frames are showing double surfacing. In my setup, because characters run long distance I decided to use animated tank tracking the character position and regenerating particles per frame, then I meshing using flatten geometry surface option and "Use Bounding Box" checked with correct bbox values and centroid. I'm also using narrow band in my sim. Any help? this is kind of frustrating since it makes no sense at all.

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On 4-12-2019 at 4:43 PM, silkey said:

Hiya, my 2 Cents.  I'm using a custom meshing setup with vdb's and my flickering was due to culling in the fluid compress.  I turned off Cull Bandwidth to solve it.

thnx, that fixed the issue for me.
but that will just makes the compress unnecessary right?

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second line
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