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adding points on the corner of a polygon with subdivs inside

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Hey guys, how can i go to add points in those yellow parts? i tried by having only the lines (wanted to take the corners) but they got a lot of points and resampling kill the shape, any ideas?


tagging the master @f1480187


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If you manage to isolate the corner points, you can use Falloff and PolyCut nodes to cut surrounding geometry and output several types of corner geometry, including the point needed.



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@f1480187 the master has spoken! thanks once more man, really appreciate it. Just finished analizing your setup, always learning some new nodes from you, will read more about these: vertexsplit, falloff, polypath.

That wrangle is gold to me, will study that one too.

Beautiful setup as always.

I'll tag you once I finish this study, but basically I'm making some hard surface helmets in movement, I asked that corner stuff to add some detail, now I'll dig a little into COPs.


Thanks again, legend.



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