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Houdini 17.5 scatter packed primitives viewport display issue

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Hey guys! Got an issue with 17.5 while trying to copy packed geometry onto scattered points.

When I try to copy any packed primitive on my scattered points in 17.5 build,  everytime the point number goes over 100 or 200 points i cant see bounding box geometry of my packed prims in viewport (only points that I was scattering onto).

Did anyone figure this out or encountered that problem before. Maybe it's a some kind of viewport optimization.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey guys. Thanks for your responsiveness.

Clear, also thought that it could be a gpu issue and tried my scene on another machines, same problem. Didn't send a message to sidefx cause I thought this issue could be solved in some settings dialogue. Will upload a scene file.

Yeah, Ryew already checked that display options, unfortunately the problem not solved. 


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