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Smoothing 90 degree curve turn


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Hello, magicians 

I'm new to houdini, but I have a task that I decided to tackle in houdini this time, seems fitting. I apologize in advance if this topic was covered, my searches didn't result in anything.

Please take a look at the attached image, mainly the lines, their forms. My task is to create a system that will generate random line pattern of this sort. If you could point me in the right direction as far as how to achieve 90 degree turn smoothing in a constant manner, ignoring the length of the curves creating the turn (where smoothing the curve doesn't seem to give constant results, obviously), also the way lines are built, with such distances, my first thought was algorithm similar to Entagma tutorial (http://www.entagma.com/vex-space-filling-curves-aka-that-windows-95-screensaver/), but I don't really understand how to adapt it to create patterns I am after.

Thank you for any tips, every advice is appreciated.



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3 hours ago, srletak said:

My advice watch him and take it All :wub:





Thanks for the link, lotsa interesting stuff, didn't find applicable to my task though

1 hour ago, zarralax said:

for the round corners Nick Taylor's aelib has a round corners otl:


and many other useful tools


this one is fire, round corners works like a charm


I'm still trying to understand how to create the lines themselves, maybe some sort of particles moving from left to right with randomly occuring turns, any ideas ?

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Thanks for help, guys, eventually I re-purposed this setup - 

 from the same guy who made AeLib, maybe someone will find it helpful (want to point out, that setup will not work w/o AeLib installed).



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