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Input in Unreal on a OBJ-Level HDA?


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Hey! Is it possible to pass an input of a OBJ-Level HDA into a subnet inside the HDA?
This is what i need to do: (see screenshot)


Inside the subnet i don't have access to the input directly. And since the null node is on OBJ level, it doesn't contain data from the input (input is only the parent)

Thanks in advance!


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I believe the Object merge in your sopnet will give you the function you need. The geometry path should self propagate to the interface of houdini engine. No need for the object level input. (It used to work like that anyways)

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Thanks for the replies!

I got it working inside Houdini - but as it seems in UE4 i don't get any inputs on a OBJ-level HDA anyway :-(
So i need to find a different solution.

But thanks for the fast help!

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