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import fbx and preserve instanced geometry

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This is a test export from 3dsMax. The Tubes are instanced. I can export them as fbx file and import them back into 3dsMax while preserving the instances, since fbx format supports instancing. 


Is there a way to import the fbx file into houdini and preserve the instancing somehow? I know instancing in houdini works very different, and with that example geometry it looks like it doesn´t make a lot of sense. But i also have to import more complex machines from CAD data and there it would be nice to have for example all screws still instanced. 

kind regards



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I think the importer might need to support that feature. It looks like Houdini and Blender do not. They convert the instanced geometry to actual geometry.

What is interesting, is if you load the FBX file using the File node, you get the associated @fbx_location, @fbx_scale, @fbx_rotation of each instance as a point attribute. This means you could locate the named instance items and reconstruct them. Or repack them to get their centers and redeploy.




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Hm...Thank you Atom. I will play a little bit with that. 

In an production example of course I have several different instanced objects but I think it should be possible to automate this technique somehow. Thanks again. 


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Hello All, 
I find this page and feel interesting that load the FBX file using the File node. 
I try to rotate FBX  and loading with File node. I find @fbx_rotation have strange value, it seems File node adjust rotation by itself??
I'm wondering how to get the correct rotation and redeploy. 
I also try to use object Merge to import them all, but this way can't get the rotation info. 

Best regards :)



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