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Replace mesh in alembic. Keep animation.


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Hi wizards!

Im struggling with a problem, that when i thought about it i thought it was really easy to solve, but nope! haha

So, we did a character inhouse, sent to a guy (rigger/animator), he did his own rig, animated the character and sent us back an alembic ready to render.

The issue: the animation is fine but there were a minor changes on the model. This guy went on holidays for a month, so we don't have his rig setup.

Now, we took the model in the first frame, we moved some points in zbrush to match the feedback and took it back to houdini to check that all the point number and polycount are the same.

The question:

- Is there a way to take this new model (same point number, same polycount), transfer somehow the new point position and apply the animation from the wrong model to it?


I made a dummie scene of situation, i would really appreciate if someone can help me with this! 

I will keep working on a solution but maybe u already faced this problem before!

Thanks guys!



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Well, looks that i just needed to plug the timeshift from the animation haha.
Nevermind, thanks for that.

It's working in the sphere but it's not working in my character, sadly i can't share the character since it's a production stuff.
But if the points are exactly the same, it should work no? Maybe is breaking because the deformation.... who knows.

Thanks again!

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1 hour ago, macj89 said:

But if the points are exactly the same, it should work no?

Yes, it should. Have you tried to compare original and in zbrush edited geos with a blend shapes sop? If geos are identical they must to blend without any problems. This is a test scene with animated character and it works well too.


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Someone in the pipeline fucked up some points in the mesh. That was the main problem, it had the same point number but with different ptnum in some areas, i realized when i did the blendshape trick. Thanks man!

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