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konstantin magnus

Procedural Modeling: Donut Tutorial

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Just to show the blender heads how it's done ; ) I have created a tutorial on modeling a procedural donut and chose this place for posting the (updated) hip file.

donut_render.jpg.0e78155375b7bae2d599a1915a66ca76.jpg donut_screen.jpg.d77944125cda82ae656fd7c5e738b180.jpg




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I learned quite a bit from this tutorial as I have just recently started to learn Houdini. I took it a bit further and also applied the same or similar techniques to other variants. Rendering done in Renderman 22.6



P.S. I also could not see sprinkles sunk into the surface on my real world samples :)  Quite the contrary in fact, the coating was reaching upwards by surface tension around the sprinkles by a tiny bit - which is what I tried to replicate on the donut with the pink sugar coating.


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Hi Ben, that's a fantastic result!

About the sprinkles: I honestly did not expect you guys to have such in depth knowledge about the baking business! Guess I have to do way more research next time ; )

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