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Simulating wind from fan or turbine


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After a lot of testing have a simulation that mostly works. The collision and velocity forces from the rotating fan are correctly advecting the smoke.

However, what is missing is any actual 'wind' force coming from the fan. As the fan rotation increases, there should be a visibly increasing force driving the smoke perpendicular to the fans rotation. Although my actual fan rotation is probably wrong, the video should make this clear.

Also attached my solver setup. Using velocity on both the velocity (3rd input) of my solver as well as a smaller amount post solve.


Can anyone suggest what I am missing?




Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 9.28.19 AM.png

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as a PC builder, your fan rotation and airstreams don't matchup.

ie. in the 1st video, the fan is blowing air right to left. not sure of your intention but the airstream suggests it going left to right, so are you trying to blow it back to where it came from ?

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