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create an edge crossing the middle of a leaf (for folding)


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In Houdini this is one primitive (the red line is just a drawing). I can remesh, but what's very important is to create an edge/line/split in the middle same way as in SpeedTree. I want to use it to fold the leaf. Any idea what sop would do it? is there a way to draw a line and magically an edge would be created? Or any other way.



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you can use PolySplit SOP which can even take a curve as a second input

if you want you can output the split edges as an edge group and then remesh afterwards using that group as hard edgegroup

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while randomly browsing SESI forums, I came across a mention of Straighten Skeleton tool by @anim or tamte that is. So here's the solution.

You can see I've made the stem so fat for ease of viewing. it works quite well except for the tips are not quite 100% at the very ends. Also there is a bug with the tool, you can switch to the orig tool using the switch and see that the sweep will produce a completely flat tube. While switch back to the one I modified, the sweep will produce a proper tube, I have reported the bug to SESI.

Now if they can improve the tool to include the last end segments of the stem that would be great.




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