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Join meshes together smooth transition


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Hi guys! 

I want to create a simple vase(revolve) with curved handles on the sides(curves + sweep) . I managed to create the vase and the handles. However I didn't succeed in joining both meshes. I tried several techniques : merge + polybridge tool, boolean union + subdivisions, polygon to vdb -> convert to polygon again

Do you have advice for modelling the vase?

Thanks for your time. 

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here's one way, the polyreduce comes in handy as a declutterer, try disabling it and you'll see the crappy results

ps: it would be polite to upload your file to show your effort and also helps ppl see your problem straightaway. For me, it's a real turn off when someone asks alot of questions yet always wants to keep things close to their chest and never uploads anything.



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Hi. I have tried merging the objects using a boolean operator and a bevel node (as shown in Vusta's file with the Kettlebell). I ajusted the exclusions parameter for the bevel node but i didn't get the result i was expecting. I think i'm missing something in my understanding. I'm going to try the Fuse method. I have provided the hip file this time ;)

I have uploaded a picture of the result i'm getting. This looks fine now, but if I add a subdivide node it doesn't look good at all. I wonder why :huh:. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Have a great day !



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Magnus thanks to your file I discovered the node : CircleFromEdge it proved to be really usefull. I could not understand all the vex so I decided to do it manually. I'm pretty happy with the result. I will have to do more vases and cups so i will go the procedural way next time, i have to improv e in vex :P.

Thanks for your help guys ! Feel free to add anything if you want.





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