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AI Volume Effect


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Hello guys.

I'm kind of a newb. I'm just looking with awe what you guys make and I try and practice and learn with Houdini everyday. I've been using it since version 15, but I still consider myself a beginner, especially in the VEX part of town.

I was trying to make a personal daily project because I saw this painting and I can't get it out of my head. I also remember seeing Serjan Burlak's project which is linked below...

I know that Serjan's project is very very advance, VEX heavy, and it took a lot of time and knowledge to make, but i'm really really curious.

Just to scratch the surface of what the effect is doing with the points and how it's connecting wires, I tried: scattering points, use connect adjacent, find shortest path, wireframe, polywire, VDBs and cloud with variable density, then scatter points and connect them, a combination of these nodes with some wrangle modifications, but honestly nothing looks closer to that painting.

Maybe you guys have some ideas on how to dive into something like this.

If you have any useful links, books or videos, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. The painting is made by Zdzislaw Beksinski in 1983



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For the second painting here its approach ...everything depends on input of model than you have endless variation ..noise plus audio ..but because I have 16.5 Houdini on 4 processor Hm .:wub:

Just att end-use wire with 0 value, than vdb from poligons than convert and voila.  

plus I use Qlib :ph34r:.





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