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rain system question

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Hi all, I need some help

I have a group of particles falling on a floor.(see file atached) When they hit the ground they become a splash through a pop replicate within a group. Now what I need is to make the main particles invisible, that is, I just want to render the splashes. Exactly how I have it now, but rendering only the splash What would be the best way to do this? I'm stuck with this simple one. Thanks so much for any help.


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Revisit the Delete node in your setup and visualize it by moving the Blue display flag.

Set the Delete to operate upon points and in the group field add the popstream from the pop replicate. "stream_popreplicate1" Delete non-selected.

This will give you only replicated particles, not falling rain drops.

You can also leverage the "justborn" group to get particles right when they appear.

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isn't it just Kill Original Particle ? in the popreplicate birth ?

hmmm...I just used bbox in the end...would have thought much simpler than this...


why is @Atom's method not working for particles falling below the ground ? Hence I decided on using bbox.

EDIT: ahhh...the ones I see falling way below the ground are not the orig rain particles...they're the replicated ones...that's why...




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