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Basic operators in vex / python

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Hi folks, 

I am actually coding some basic operators like divergence, gradient in vex and python to demistify them and wanted to share the file with you.

Feel free to update or correct the file since i might not be sure of some operators.

it contains :

- Divergence (voxel and points)

- Gradient (voxel and points)

- Curl (voxel) : the curl seems to not have the same order as vdb curl so still in wip

- Laplacian (voxel) : The computed laplacian is somehow less precise than vdb laplacian

- Covariance matrix and eigen vectors (points) : It works but the scale is normalize

- Laplacian matrix of a mesh (python)

- Bernstein polynomials



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A lot of good information ! THX

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