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Houdini 18 Breaking glue without impact


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I'm working on a scene where there is an object floating and rotating in space and it has to start breaking constraints at frame 1020 and continue breaking gradually until frame 1100. 

I have tried creating a sop solver inside the Houdini 18's new rbdbullet solver, but I couldn't get it to work I believe it's due to the constraint solver that is connected to post rbd sim.

How can I break the glue constraints gradually within a frame range?

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3 minutes ago, tamagochy said:

float f = fit(@Frame,1020,1060,0,1);
if(rand(@primnum)<f) removeprim(0,@primnum,1);

Use it on your constraints

Thank you for your reply, I am creating the constraints rbdmaterialfracture sop, then feeding into the rbdbulletsolver, if I put this code in breaking threshold tab on the dopnetwork it doesn't work, I also tried feeding the attribute wrangle in between fracture and dop still not working. Where am I supposed to use this expression?

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