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Whitewater setup for Large Ocean Toolkit

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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to create EXACTLY this effect in de houdini docs: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/largeocean.html#using-large-ocean (example vid)

I've traced it back to the launch event of H17: (skip to 01:20:00 or so)

Ofcourse there's no tutorial or documentation to be found on how to achieve this. Would anyone know how to achieve this? As far as I can tell the Whitewater setup still requires FLIP as input. I've had no sucvces doing this in the popsolver; it just doesn't look right... and I'm a noob

much obliged!


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2 minutes ago, dleonhardt said:

The Ocean Foam SOP will do what you are looking for. That particular effect doesn't need a FLIP sim as input.


I've noticed this sop indeed... but it's not giving me that spray and mist like in the example. but maybe I need to pull the levers a bit more?

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Particles are created within a specified region based on various emission criteria from the input ocean layers. These particles could then be fed into any custom particle simulation for emission.


Foam particles are created according to the various emission criteria then run through a 2-D particle simulation that incorporates the ocean velocity and neighboring particle proximity to give realistic foam behavior. The output of this mode can be used directly for rendering foam with the Ocean Surface shader.

This suggests I would need to use the emitter mode as input for POPS... On the launch event they are using the whitewater system with a deformed mesh. this is a unicorn...

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found this bit in a different post:

In the white water solver, for the "Source Volume" you can use the surface SDF generated from an Ocean Evaluate node (volume tab).

In the "Emission Source" you can use any particles converted to a vdb named "emit" and that will work.

For instance, you could use the "Ocean Foam" to generate the source particles and merge them with any other particle source that you wish.

maybe someone can help me figure this one out? I haven't been able to get this to work.

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Maybe everybody found it, but still I leave it here for better future search, there is an attribute from the ocean evaluation call `curp` which you can drive for whitewater source or pop network 


Cusp Attribute

Add a cusp point attribute to the output geometry that represents the sharpness of the wave peaks at any point, with values ranging from below 0 if the wave is stretched out, to greater than 1 if the wave peak is so sharp it has inverted.

Cusp Direction Attribute

Add a cuspdir vector point attribute to the output geometry that points in the direction of the wave peaks.

Visualize Cusp

Visualize the cusp attribute by color.

Attribute Ramp

The color ramp with which to visualize the cusp attribute.



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