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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am doing a big ocean simulation where a wave is hitting a object. And there I want to create whitewater(spray) splash. But I don't want to create foam and particles to spread in the whole tank instead of that I want the particles to spread in a particular defined area, So that simulation can run fast otherwise it is taking lot of time. Is there any way to do that?
  2. Houdini Whitewater

    Hello, Masters I just going through a small problem but it is actually big for me. So, can you tell me how to produce whitewater like the image I have attached below. Because my whitewater sim do not create that spash like effect on top of the wave.
  3. FLIP Spray not colliding

    Hello every one, I am doing a regular FLIP simulation where I have my particles colliding properly with a passive object. I have added a whitewater dopnetwork from shelf, and I re-created the collision setup in there. When I add foam and spray, everything goes as expected, but the spray just goes ballistic and completly ignores th collision borders. In the capture below you have an example of the overshooting particles (the ones making the correct form are the regular corefluid FLIP particles).
  4. spray particles acting weird

    Hi, In my flip sim, I used the white water shelf tool to add foam, spray, and bubbles to my sim. The foam and the bubbles are functioning as I would expect, but the spray has strange behavior. It seems to be confused to as to whether or not a particle should be foam or spray. This results in spray particles getting stuck and not moving for a bit. When the particles become spray, they go from white to green. The faulty particles go from white to green, then back to white and back to green. It looks like they pile up against the floor (starting around frame 30), as show in the photo. I saw that someone had the same problem here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45041/?page=1#post-201381 The fix the guy posted at the bottom did not work for me. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks spray.hipnc
  5. Spray Ignores Colliders?

    Hi All, I have a working FLIP sim of a water fall that is colliding with my terrain mesh. I have added whitewater to the simulation and when I visualize the GREEN spray particles I can clearly see that they ignore my collision object. Is there any way to make the GREEN spray collide with the same surface as the WHITE foam?
  6. spray for FLIP fountain simulation

    how to create very small particles for fountain
  7. Hello. I have a problem with rendering BasicShaderSetupSpray.hip in H13 from oficcial tutorial (Go Procedural) https://vimeo.com/41314793. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2179&Itemid=259 In 12.5 - all works great, but in Houdini 13 (13.0.252) - empty (nothing work). May be there are any global differences? Thanks. BasicShaderSetupSpray.hip
  8. Tidal Wave

    Hi I want to do a Tidal wave braking. It has to be a large wave with a LOT of foam and with a deadly curl. I made this rig so far for the surface with cloth. https://vimeo.com/62003308 Do you think it is better to put this surface animation inside an Ocean Tank 12.5 or it is better to do the traditional way of emitting flip fluids towards this surface and work on foam with velocity dependant?