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Particle in Houdini - new training series


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Hello Everyone,

This training series we will look at the basics of the Houdini particle system and also cover a variety of POP nodes to better understand how the Houdini particle system works.   

The training will also go through a variety of small projects that will combine a variety of POP nodes, smoke simulation, RBDs and various sop level tools to create a range of effects.

The first 100 sales will get a 50% discount. 


for more details kindly click on the link given below


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Hello Rohan and ODForce community,
I did purchase you series and learning slowly for it.
As you said this is not for absolute begginners.
I'm new but know how to work around a little bit.

So here is my file that I am working on. It uses audio for the particles.
I have a problem with the rendering of particles in Mantra.
In the viewport everything looks great, but when I render, only a thin line of particles appears.
I don't know for now what is the problem.

Maybe you can help or someone else.

Thank you in advance.





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There something I still don't understand.

There is the line (the Trails section of my hip file) and there is the Particules (from the lines).

There is a Add node, yes but if I enable delete or not geo in this part I have the particles.

It is in the Trails part that I still want to have the line visually to render too ... 
Sorry for my poor english and my not undertanding of your kind support on this matter.

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