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Golden Gate Destruction

MIguel P

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hey Miguel. good job!

some ideas:

will be better if pieces not fall perfectly horizontal, if they start tilting .. and then tearing-off and falling (will looks more dramatic and heavier).

and little pices can help lot with that effect if they start falling when big peices start tilting :)

nice job with splashes!

(make some variations on height)


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very nice job.

I know you call file "final" but.. if you do more work then you can do this things:

do not tilt bout sides same way and same amount .. (rand. more and everyting) :)

and for scale will be better if they tilting longer time and then falling down faster..

( make biger-diferentse betwin speed.. when tilting (slower) and falling down (faster))


make better then your referense !!! :D:D:D (hehehe)

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