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Remesh witout change point everyframe

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Hi guys, 

I need to do a remesh of a break's ground. The problem that I have, I do remesh but the points change every frame. I need the points in the same place not changing every frame because in this points I instance with quixel all types of flora. 

Any idea how I do a remesh or something for the ground that the points doesn't change everyframe. 

The noise of the fracture is very high but this ground is approve. I don't want touch this noise for this. 

Thank you very much! 


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I am assuming that the ground is animated somehow then since the remesh is changing every frame? Because if it is not animated then you could probably just slap down a timeshift after the remesh and set it to a static frame number and be done with it.

However if I've understood you correctly and the ground is animated then I would suggest using the point deform sop.
Place down a timeshift sop with a static frame number and then place down a remesh sop. After this place down a point deform sop and hook it up as follows:
Remesh node to input 1, timeshift node to input 2 , finally whatever node is right before the timeshift into input 3.

This should give you a stable remesh but let you keep the motion of the ground you already had. If the geometry is being funky you might want to tweak the capture settings in the point deform sop.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for your answer. 

You are right, the ground is animated, I try to do this setup but it doesn't work. I place down after deform sop a scatter, this way I can check the points but every frame it's changing the points. 

I attach the photos with the nodes and timeshift. is it correct? 


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