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Dynamic photorealistic Sky Cloud atmosphere. Air/water system for weather sim? I could do that in Unreal 4.6 and Terragen, now


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Okay, i could do beautifull sky and adjustable clouds with optional mask and painting placement in Unreal 4.6 and that's will be great for first blockout and the film virtual production.

Now to get it to the next level because for a highend film, sorry but unreal sky will not be enough im afraid, im coming to Houdini..

I could generate clouds but differents methods depending of the type of clouds i need (a pyro sim is most often needed obviously) and i could scatter these and it's okay to get a nice great cloudscape from a aerial plane pov or a cloud pass thought, now my problem with this is basically a scatter of instanced clouds. it's not generated from a real atmospheric weather sim like in *Terragen* which still deliver the most impressive skies in my opinion.  Im think of large sim fluid air/water to manage the all thse, while each cloud could have each own SOP/DOP/ process..


There's a real challenge here and so far i haven't seen much example which looks perfectly natural, with a rich natural variety of details...

Some screen capture, no render and videos Unreal and Houdini pyro sim, video speaks more than pictures



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998) (available late december)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts


2020-12-02 20-04-59.mp4






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Thanks  Monsieur Tesan, thanks you for always trying to help people !

There is one or two files who looks interesting, cheers man. There are a few good post on this website, but nothing that match trully my target. They mostly focus on cloud modelling and shading and not weather simulation.

This is tricky , especialyl when you need to keep iteration possible at a reasonable time without a quantum computer and you are aiming at a better result than just a scattering instance clouds approach ( even if each has its own pyro sim or volume noise adjection).  All the rich diversity of clouds, shapes and density that are alive their, which look photorealistic for a highend film, looks obviously like a sky and a smoke sim which try to look like a sky :)

I think unreal sky like in my video example will give the first input, im waiing for Epic to answer few of my questions

Fluid Water/air sim are not my area of expertise and it's quite a complex one.  I guess there is something possible to find with custom control field based temperature/divergence/velocity, The Project Non-Divergent , vortex confinement, noise to different physical property to add variation, custom drag forces, gaz damp ... That's a lot to play with

I suggest to read words of Jeff from Sidefx about Pyro and i found this video is quite interesting too.





Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts





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