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How should I make a pattern that spreads like a flower around the point in the video and image?


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Only thing that you need to make those patterns its this Code Found on Sidefx Forum  + this File Have Fun + you can combine that with file from @konstantin magnus , for shiny effect search Glow :P
Run on Primitives

// Construct center point
vector center = 0;
// Get the points of our primitive
int srcpts[] = primpoints(0, @primnum);
int srcvtx[] = primvertices(0, @primnum);

float weights[];
// Create our attributes to store our origin points.
// Note the last parameter determines type and defaults
// (which is irrelevant for arrays)
addpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_num', srcpts);
addpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_weights', weights);
addvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_num', srcvtx);
addvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_weights', weights);
addprimattrib(0, 'sourceprim_num', int(-1));
addprimattrib(0, 'sourceprim_uvw', vector(0));

foreach (int pt; srcpts)
    center += point(0, 'P', pt);
    append(weights, 1.0 / len(srcpts));
center /= len(srcpts);

int centerpt = addpoint(0, center);
setpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_num', centerpt, srcpts);
setpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_weights', centerpt, weights);

float singleweight[] = { 1.0 };
for (int subface = 0; subface < @numvtx; subface++)
    // Set the point weights for single-sourced points
    setpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_num', srcpts[subface], srcpts[subface:subface+1]);
    setpointattrib(0, 'sourcept_weights', srcpts[subface], singleweight);
    // Create our triangle.
    int tri = addprim(0, 'poly');
    setprimattrib(0, 'sourceprim_num', tri, @primnum);
    int vtxidx = subface;
    int v1 = addvertex(0, tri, primpoint(0, @primnum, vtxidx));
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_num', v1, -1, srcvtx[vtxidx:vtxidx+1]);
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_weights', v1, -1, singleweight);
    vtxidx = (subface+1) % @numvtx;
    int v2 = addvertex(0, tri, primpoint(0, @primnum, vtxidx));
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_num', v2, -1, srcvtx[vtxidx:vtxidx+1]);
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_weights', v2, -1, singleweight);
    int v3 = addvertex(0, tri, centerpt);
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_num', v3, -1, srcvtx);
    setvertexattrib(0, 'sourcevtx_weights', v3, -1, weights);
removeprim(0, @primnum, 0);




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