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Pointdeform inside for each - not working anymore

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Hey guys - I have an old scene file that is not working anymore.


I wanted to pointdeform multiple objects inside a for each loop.

Unfortunately, the pointdeform SOP is not working correctly anymore.

Does anyone know what the problem is there?

file: was_working.hipnc


It always causing this problem ->





Best Jack


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Add a clean attribute after your delete1 and delete2 nodes, it should fix it. I noticed that a mismatch of attributes between static and deforming points could be problematic when using pointdeform in a foreach loop.

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it's the i@id attribute that's messing stuff up, it was added as a way to match points by id, but the fact that it is using id whenever it finds it instead of it being an option is causing such issues

also you don't need for each anymore if you have piece attrib, in your case i@class


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