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read/write simulation caches over the local network - 10 gig networking


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I'm considering updating my local ethernet LAN to a 10 gig ethernet lan.

Right now, I'm on an old 100Mbps LAN and it's too slow to playback simulation caches over the network.

I've been seeing that people are using 10 gig networking at home now and are able to play back video, do video editing over the network with it.

I'm wondering, if anyone is doing this, how is simulating to cache files, reading/writing cache files, on a 10 gig local network? Is it like working on a local machine?

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36 minutes ago, fell00 said:

Yes, you're right. My current LAN switch is even older than the modern regular gigabit LAN.

oooooof...I feel your pain, why not try out a gigabit network switch first ? ~$50 for 8 port switch...add some decent cat6 LAN cable

who knows, it might be sufficient for your purposes before spending big.

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54 minutes ago, fell00 said:

I might just do that. I'll check out cat6 cables, I would have used cat5..

They're even less than $50 btw..

Thanks for the info..

dunno the exact extra cost of Cat6 but if it's only a couple of bucks, say...might as well future proof in case you decide to go 10 gigabit later.

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