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Found 24 results

  1. Hello friends. This is my first post in this forum. The last couple of days I am facing an issue with my computer network adapter. That is, the windows could not find a driver for the network adapter. Even, after several attempts, I am failed to solve the issue. Guys, I don't know why this is happening and how to fix this issue. Can anyone provide any suggestions for this?
  2. Is there an easy way to identify the dead-end branches of a curve network? so far i have a point wrangle that removes points if their neighbors are less than 2, but that is heavily depended on the iterations and it takes a lot of iterations to clean up a network from branches and keep only the closed loops. Any ideas?
  3. Hopefully this clip explains the problem: 2 packed geos are hard constrained together, tube animation (translate and rotate) is transferred from SOPs. The constraint works for position but rotation, how to make sure the constraint network understands there is rotation? Desired behaviour: Scene file: 001.hip desired.webm current.webm
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a constraint network for simulating Car Suspensions, but with no results. I just need a simple "spring effect" between Body and Wheels (please find a video example attached). How I can do it? Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thank you! I've attached a simple file test I'm working on. Car Example.mp4 Cartest.hip
  5. Hi, I'm considering updating my local ethernet LAN to a 10 gig ethernet lan. Right now, I'm on an old 100Mbps LAN and it's too slow to playback simulation caches over the network. I've been seeing that people are using 10 gig networking at home now and are able to play back video, do video editing over the network with it. I'm wondering, if anyone is doing this, how is simulating to cache files, reading/writing cache files, on a 10 gig local network? Is it like working on a local machine?
  6. are there any good resources to explain these two subject? object - data what are they exactly and what they do inside DOP network? any pages of documentation or any piece of information you give me is acceptable
  7. Hey all. Just wondering if it's possible to create a custom HDA/OTL with the same network view container network box like the one you get when you create a Block Begin (foreach loop)? I'm creating a couple of OTLs where they “gatekeep” between any SOPs a user places inside them and the visual box around the SOPs is something I'd love to be able to recreate. Thanks, Marb
  8. Is anyone aware of a maximum zoom level setting in the network editor? I can’t zoom in beyond a default looking node size. This one has me stumped. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have hqueue server and client installed and working on one machine. I am trying to add a second computer in a home network, as a client. when installing the client on the second computer i need to enter the server name and port number. I am not savvy with networking and do not know how to find this information. the houdini docs say to set this field to the machine hosting the hqueue server. I didn't know what to enter so i entered the ipv4 ip address of the first machine where i installed hqueue. and used the same port number 5000. this didn't succeed in adding the client to hqueue. Help would be appreciated. is there a way i can look up the correct server name info? thank you
  10. Hi, I would like to separate simulation into smaller simulations. I need to use simulated constraint network from one simulation in another. (bring constraint network back to sop level) And active attribute as well. Can it be done with dopimport node? Thanks
  11. Hi there, I am a student and I am quite new with configuration scripting. Can anyone tell me how to configure Houdini initial and/or configuration scripts (maybe i am saying a stupid thing, is it called 123 right?) to place the typical help/aditional help of any node on the network diagram on a very simple and easy way?? I saw it on a tutorial a few weeks ago, unfortunately my iMac suffer a reparation and I lost my safary history. I think it was a tutorial about configuration scripts or initial configuration. BTW, I bet there are a lot of topics about these scripting files, any special like "if you are learning, start here"?? Just to do not bother the whole forum with "again" questions. Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. Hi, I am currently creating a simulation with flip fluids that are affected by a vortex force. I need the velocity/lift attributes to be animated independently throughout the simulation, though no matter how I set the settings for either the sop geometry, or vortex force operator, the values will not change throughout the simulation. What is the proper method for animating these attributes for use in dops? Thank you,
  13. Hi all, we recently purchased Houdini at my workplace, and I'm noticing a slight issue when saving my scenes to our network drive. Right now I'm working on a .hip file that's about 20MB. Saving it to any of my local disks is done in seconds. Copying the same file from my local drive to the network only takes a second as well. Saving it to our network drive directly, on the other hand, I can watch the file size slowly grow and it takes about 60 seconds to complete! So I am guessing it has something to do with how Houdini does the file writing. I don't see this happen to any file caches etc. Only when saving the scene file. Unfortunately for us, our data center is not in-house. It's located a few blocks away. So I am guessing it has something to do with how network traffic is routed over - and that a lot of small writes (compared to a large file copy) is slow. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any workaround. I.e. forcing Houdini to save locally and copy the file? I know 3dsMax and other software normally handles files this way.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to Houdini, and I came across a tutorial which explained the bullet solver for H13. I am trying to recreate the effect that he got at 53:15, where primitives were deleted from the constraint network when a force over a certain threshold was applied. tutorial: As I understand, the SOP solver was changed in H14, and I therefore don't have the object merge node that he has. I downloaded the example HIP file and copied his node into my own project and managed to get it working, however I'd like to know how it actually works, rather than just copying and pasting! The data that the node is bringing in, is as follows: `stamps("..", "DATAPATH", chsop("relnode") + ":Relationships/" + chs(chsop("relnode") + "/relname") + "/" + chs(chsop("relnode") + "/relationship/dataname") + "/Geometry")` This isn't like anything I've come across so far in houdini - if anyone knows what this means, and could explain it I'd be very grateful! Best, Stephen
  15. I needed a setup where I have point network with a deformer turbulizing it and then I would need on per point point basis, driven by a switch attribute, have another deformer doing a dispersion effect on the points. But I would need to do the second from the last deformed position and delta. So this is what I came up with: PRB_VibratingGraphDispersion_01.hipnc I'm quite newbie about the Solver SOP so I'm wondering if there would be other ways maybe not even needing simulation scrub to apply a deformer from a fixed position of the previous deformer and also account for the passage of time after the switch. Thanks
  16. reinisn

    Good old veins

    Hello. nice to meet you all, im new here. Have good old question about how to make veins grow animation. I usually do my work in c4d, but thought that it would be much easier in houdini, but its not atleast for me, im kinda stuck. What I want to make is a box filled with blood vesels, i need them to animate, how they fill the space (volume, i guess). One look i found nice was this I like how the brunch off into little ones and they are tapped at the ends(this i need most, and have most problems achieving). Im pretty clumsy around houdini as far as i have researched its possible to do with lsystems or point sop solver? (am i correct? ) If someone could guide me a little bit, would appreciate much. thank you.
  17. Hello, The effect I'm trying to create is a dragon fire effect, However since I've added new translation to the particle emitter and and container the simulation no longer runs correctly. I believe this is to do with the individual DOP networks yet I'm not sure. Any help would be great since I've been stuck on this issue for some time Thank you Dragon_flames11.hipnc
  18. Hi everyone, I made this setup to mix constraints between conetwist and glue, depending on angle value, i set the constraint_name in a sop solver plugged in the constraint network node, it works quite well but the resulting object is floating in the space... is anobody here can check my file and tell me what's going on!!!? apparently its not a subsanple or CFM, ERP issue ( i checked all this parameters and, nothing...) thx by advance, Best regards H TEST_PACKED_CONST_METAL_V002.hip
  19. Is there a Network Editor equivalent to the Geometry Viewers “accept” action?
  20. Hey when I try to use the -H variable to do some rendering on the network, I cant get any textures to work. Its seems that the paths are not resolved properly. All in $HIP context btw. when using an env light for instance I get a redish color on all buckets, instead of the hdr I used. any ideas to what Ive to seup to make it work? thanls
  21. Hey Guys, I´m quite new to odforce and Houdini and a friend of mine recommended you very strongly. My Issue concerns glue networks with bullet fracture sims. There is a ground (terrain) object and set of "fracture objects" on the ground. I want to delete the bonds between the fracture pieces, but NOT the connection between ground and adjacent fracture pieces between the ground. Is this possible with one glue network or do I need two? And how? I need a strong glue between the ground and the adjacent fracture pieces. Help would be really appreciated. I really like Houdini, but it takes time to get the overall picture concerning the mechanics.... I guess. Best Wishes, Luke Break_06.hip
  22. Hello everyone, I want to create a setup where a sphere breaks into 2 pieces and after a few frames those 2 pieces break into 3 smaller pieces. I am trying to create a glue network which would hold the secondary fracture until told but cant get my head around it.. I am doing the secondary fracture in a foreach node and that's where I'm thinking I need to do the glue network for it as well. I know its probably going to have a simple solution but I can't figure it out for quite long now. Please give me some ideas / examples. Thanks!
  23. Hey all, I'm trying to create a network effect(connecting scattered point on a grid together with there neighboring points ) and I'm wondering which method to use. I watched Nick nimble FXPHD video HOU206 Houdini FX TD Fundamentals. Pretty cool, I think I have some hints in one of his tutorial, where he use pointcloud to get the closest point attribute. But in is example he is just getting the second neighbor's attribute and I was wondering how I can loop ( probably using the for loop sop) through iteration of the pointcloud open to add line to multiple neighboring points instead of just one. Maybe I can do this using the findshortestpath sop, but I have no clue how I can achieve that. Any simple example of how I can use this node would be nice . Here what I have so far. I've been able to find the first closest neighbor ptnum. I'm searching the next step... Network_ClosestPoints_v001_dk.hip any help will be appreciate Thanks Doum
  24. -Houdini 12.5.316.22 -Win7 64bits Anyone got problem creating new folder when saving on the network? The button is dark gray and not clickable. But I can create new folders on my C:\. I can create new folders on the network in windows explorer but not inside Houdini. It's also working in others software like softimage... Any ideas ? Thanks Doum
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