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Render huge amount instances


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I have a problem when rendering over 10 million instances, the instance is just a simple beveled cube, the instancing points have varying Cd and pscale attributes, while the pscale can be inherited directly, I have to use a material sop with overrides use local variables turned on and parameter set to basecolor with value @Cd.r, @Cd.g, @Cd.b, in order to use the point color as instance color.

My 64G memory gets eaten up after a long preparation time, and houdini stops working. What is the problem?


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Hmm, weird. Here is a mantra scene where I am rendering with 10 million pig heads on a 32Gb system. I'm only consuming 8.6 gig of system memory, and no crash.
One thing I highly recommend is pressing the D-KEY and lowering the viewport instance number from 100% to 0.1% on the Geometry tab. I also set the Stand In geometry to Display OFF. There really isn't much of a reason to leave a 10 million particle display on, unless you are planning a camera move and need to navigate through them? Maybe the graphics card is being overloaded and is leaking/consuming memory?


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