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Ivy embrace / asphyxiate object?


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Hi Magicians,

I'm trying to achieve an effect, not sure if I'll explain properly but I'll do my best. 

I have a Christ in a Peace symbol, and I need to growth roots over the peace symbol, but then I need the roots to "asphyxiate" the peace symbol, like the snakes when they embrace / attack the prey.




What will be the best way to approach this effect? vellum? FEM? I the peace objects need to shrink where the roots embrace it.


Thank you!

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I believe, that you could send particles along the surface (or smoothed expanded surface by SDF functions).
A particle would act as a head of snake. As in this tutorial, you need two vectors ... tangent and cross:


At first, those particles will read the tangent direction of the circle (or the line) and you can add a bit of cross vector. Later, they will read mainly the cross vector (and swirl more and more around the surface). At the very end, you could let the "heads" go far from the surface.


To make the snakes "pack up" over each other, you will probably need a sop solver and feed the polywired trail into the SDF. Depends on how much realism is needed.

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Hey guys! @terencemace  @ikoon

Thanks for the tips! I was thinking on some growth particle system over the surface and add for the splines. 

I might explained wrong, I was more refering to the effect of the snake over the object itself when attacks, maybe this picture shows better what I'm trying to achieve


Maybe vellum with dynamics constraints since the splines will be growing and need to update everyframe? or FEM? or maybe some fake with VDBs?


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