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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a material who mixes 2 shaders and I'm facing a stange issue.

How to layering 2 shaders using a map in houdini ?


I tried using the layermix and it works but only using a noise as alpha (pluged in alpha)

But when i'm trying to use a map there is only the shader 2 who is render

the map I want to use is a .pic sequence has alpha and using as mask for wetmap.


Does anyone know the right way to use a map as mask for shaders ?

maybe I'm not using the layermix correcltly or maybe using a texture node plugged in alpha is not the good way to do it..I don't know. There is not much information about the layermix in Houdini Help...


Thans for your help !

Layering Shader.jpg

Layer Mix.JPG

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Hi Ryew, hi librarian,


thanks for the video, it's one of the first I've watched for my problem and it's very useful for using layer mix. it's very similar to what i'm looking for.


But I want to replace the noise that he uses as alpha by an animated bitmap sequence that I created.

(instead of using a noise as alpha I want to use animated sequence maps)


The difference seems to be ridiculous but I don't find the way to do it.

using a texture node can work but only for one frame, it's not using maps as animated sequence so it's very frustrating.

Do you know a way to do it ?





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It may have been a restriction on time dependencies inside of Mantra but It's been almost a year since I switched to Karma.  Might want to check out a similar approach in Karma/MaterialX shaders instead at this point as Mantra is on its way out

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