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camera projection " cylindrical "

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Hiroki must be talking about fulldome theatre to be asking about equirectangular lenses.

An equirectangular or equisolid lens is a mathematically perfect fisheye lens. So there is no correction for distortion. So ultimate equirectangular lenses where developed for meteorology and where called full-sky lenses. Now we use them in fulldome. A full-circle fisheye like the Sigma 4.5mm f2.8mm is close to a equirectangular lens and by no-coincidence looks like a dome master because if projected from underneath the dome it it would map correctly into the dome and look perspective normal when standing in the middle of the dome.



The 50mm lens on your DSLR is a 'rectilinear' lens. So its corrected to project onto a flat plane.

If using redshift. Set the camera up in the settings tab as a fisheye camera and FOV to 180 degrees and point the camera up instead of at the subjects.

Don't forget that content behind the audience's heads they won't bother looking at and it will reduce the screens contrast... a lot. 

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